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About us

This website is dedicated to capturing the stories and events at the Play The Game 2007 conference in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is produced by students at the Danish School of Journalism, following these two courses: Global Dialogue & Online Journalism, TV Journalism, Storytelling with heart.

Editorial e-mail address:
Offices: Grand Hotel Reykjavik from Oct. 27 to Nov. 2, 2007

Assistant Professor Ole Rode Jensen (online team), +45 40270440.
Assistant Professor Kristian Strobech (online team), +45 20460440.
Assistant Professor Kate Kartveit (tv team),

Speak to us!
We invite our readers to join the debate on the website and interact with our coverage. Send us an e-mail, call us, or leave a comment – use our website as an opportunity to discuss important sports related issues with people all over the planet. Our goal is to let the ideas; opinions and the combined knowledge of our online audience influence the conference as it unfolds in Reykjavik.

Our role
The organization behind the conference, named Play The Game like the conference itself, resides at Journalism school campus. Though the student team is not officially affiliated with Play The Game, we recognize the importance of the values, subjects and themes introduced at the conference. As journalists we agree, that it is in the global community’s interest to enhance media focus and general awareness of the themes and issues presented at this conference. We are looking forward to being part of that process.

In covering the conference, we cooperate with, but are in no way editorially influenced or inhibited by, the organizing body behind Play The Game.

After the conference, this website will be turned over to Play The Game and will serve as a part of the documentation of the 2007 PTG conference.

Our work is guided by the values and journalistic ethics upheld by The Danish School of Journalism. The website is also officially registered as an individual media – and thereby responsible to the Danish Media Liability Act. We follow “sound press ethics” as interpreted in the light of the Press Ethical Rules of guidance set down by the Danish Press Council.

Liable Editor in Chief is Assistant Professor Ole Rode Jensen.