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Doping expert: Delete standing world records

October 31st, 2007 by Alexander Borch Nielsen and Janus Sejersen Laursen · 2 Comments

Sandro Donati

One of the worlds leading doping experts italian Sandro Donati made a controversial proposal at his plenary session about visions for a doping-free sports culture: Delete all previous and standing individual sport records.
The statement came up Tuesday at the Play the Game-conference in Reykjavík, Iceland. In Donati’s opinion todays world records are a product of a culture build on doping use.

- I don’t believe in the records. I can’t believe any of them in e.g. athletics, swimming and weightlifting. In these kind of indivisual sports I believe doping is behind all the records and we know from Stasi- and KGB documents that their athletes were doped, says Sandro Donati to

They don’t like children
That is why he encourage all the international sports organizations to act responsible towards the children and youngsters in sports and the attempts to create a doping-free culture by deleting the previous records.

- If the sport institutions keep the records, it means that they don’t care about the children. They use them because they know very well that to achieve these records you have to take much more doping that the actual recordmen and -women. We don’t need superior intelligence to understand this, says Donati.

Only business
According to Sandro Donati the public should be critical when the major sport organizations claim that doping use is only an individual decision.

- Pat McQuaid (president for the International Cycling Union, UCI) has said that we are in a new era where doping is individual. That the situation has changed because doping now is an individual choosing for the athletes. What he is saying is that the responsiblility is only on the athletes, says Donati.

- So I interpret what Pat McQuaid said like this: If doping is not an individual thing it is dangerous to us (UCI), Donati explains.

- The organizations are interested in business, so they put themself far from the doping, says Donati.

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