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Footballers demand video referees

October 29th, 2007 by Troels Kaltoft and Rasmus Wilhardt · No Comments

Referee Peter Mikkelsen. (Photo: Peter Kjærbye)

Referees in modern football should have technological advantages which can help them make correct calls during the matches. At least that is the opinion of american international Jeremiah White and his clubmate and captain in the danish club AGF Aarhus, Peter Graulund. They recently suffered a defeat against rivals Brøndby after having a goal annulled for an incorrect offside.

”I think the referee should have a little monitor in his belt, like they have in American football. Our eyes can be blocked or can play tricks, but pictures and tv doesn’t lie. And after the game it’s too late”, Jeremiah White says.




Jeremiah White (Photo: Troels Kaltoft)

Former World Cup referee Peter Mikkelsen agrees to some extend. He believes that referees should be allowed to receive help – for example from a small chip in the ball that can decide whether it crosses the goalline or not. But Peter Mikkelsen does not agree that plays should be reviewed during the game if referees are unsure whether to give a red card or conduct a penalty, because he think it would disrupt the flow in the game.

In 1996 Peter Mikkelsen failed to award Romania with a goal, when the ball crossed the goalline and went into play again in the match against Bulgaria. Romania lost 0-1, and in many experts’ eyes, Peter Mikkelsen missed the chance to take part in the final.

Peter Mikkelsen remembers the episode like this:

But even though it probably cost him the chance to participate in the final at the European Championships, Peter Mikkelsen doesn’t want referees to be allowed to use video technology during the matches.

Watch Jeremiah White in action:

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