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Jaksche claims he did not ask Riis for advice

October 29th, 2007 by Allan Priess · 1 Comment

The battle between former pro cyclist Jörg Jackshe and CSC team owner Bjarne Riis continues. Both claim, that the other person is lying.

Jörg Jaksche at the Play The Game conference on Sunday.
Photo: Niels Nyholm. 

Bjarne Riis told The Pulse on Sunday, that he never threatened Jörg Jaksche, but only advised him not to involve others in the interview with German magazine Der Spiegel regarding Jaksches 10 year long doping use. Riis furthermore states, that it was Jaksche who initiated the talks.

”I spoke to Jörg Jaksche a number of times during the year, and the last time was just before the interview, when I called him up. But it started off with him calling me asking for advise about how to handle his doping admittance” says Riis and continues.

”I adviced him without knowing, what he was about to tell Der Spiegel. I had no clue about the content, and absolutely no threats were made during our talk”.

Jaksche, however, denies that he ever contacted Bjarne Riis asking for advice and maintains, that it was Bjarne Riis who called him up and made threats.

According to Bjarne Riis, you called him a number of times to get advice?

”No. Bjarne Riis called me,” Jaksche says.

And what did he say?

”That I should never talk, because then I would never come back”.

The way he sees it, he gave you and advice.

”And what advice would he have given me?”

That you should not speak, because then you would have a hard
time coming back.

”That’s what I said, so he is confirming it”.

But he says it was an advice.

”I see it more as a threat”.

Monday morning Bjarne Riis sent out a press release denying Jaksches accusations about making threats.

”I think it is unsuitable, if Jaksche claims, that I warned him not to do his doping admittance. Nothing could be more wrong. On the contrary, I advised him to stand up and take responsibility for the errors, he has made. That this should have been a threat is offensive and tells me, that Jaksche either has a very bad memory or is delibarately trying to twist the truth,” Riis states in the press release.

The Pulse will publish an exclusive interview with Jörg Jaksche later on Monday.

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