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Bob Munro: -The good guys can’t loose

October 29th, 2007 by Jon Kristian Fadnes · 5 Comments

Bob Munro has been fighting the corrupt Kenyan football system for seven years. He hasn’t won yet, but is convinced he will in the end.

Bob Munro at the conference
Bob Munro at the Play the Game conference (Photo: Jon Kristian Fadnes)

In late 2000 the youth in the Mathare slums of Kenya started to open their eyes to mismanagement and corruption in the nations football system. They realized this could pose a serious threat to their future, and asked Bob Munro to help them with the situation. He didn’t realize what a overwhelming task he was taking on.

- I agreed somewhat naively, thinking that it might take a year or two. Now it’s seven years later and we’re still fighting, says Munro.

The work Munro does is all voluntary, and he explains that it takes up a lot of his time.

- If I actually sat down and made an estimate of how much time I’ve spent on this, I think it would be a shock to me.

He admits that there have been several times over the last years that he’s contemplated giving up, but he never actually has.

- I made a promise to the Mathare youth to help them with this, and I have never broken a promise I’ve made them. I’m not about to start now, says Munro.


Going up against the Kenyan Football Federation (KFF) has provided Munro with a lot of sympathizers, but not everyone are positive to his work. At the Play The Game blog several comments suggest that Munros organization Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) is corrupt and some go as far as to call Munro a racist. Munro himself doesn’t let this bring him down.

- Most of these comments are anonymous, and they are not credible. But when you fight corruption, corruption always fights back, says Munro.

He knew going into the endeavour that things like this would happen.

- I discussed it with my wife before taking on the task. I knew that I would have to give up my anonymity.

Munro has also experienced having untrue allegations published about him in Kenyan newspapers.

Still lots to do

Munro appreciates the opportunity to come to the Play The Game conference.

- Fighting corruption is a lonely job, and it helps to meet people who struggle with the same things. It’s reassuring to know that you’re not alone, says Munro.

He claims that the Kenyan football is in better shape now than it’s been for a long time, but there is still lots to do.

- I remember the western movies I grew up with. The good guys always wore white hats, and the bad guys black. At the end the good guys always won. It’s the same with this fight. As long as we wear our white hats, the good guys can’t loose, says Munro.

Read a report from Bob Munros speech at Play the Game here.

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