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The paycheck makes players silent

November 1st, 2007 by mortenappel · 7 Comments

If accusations of corruption where a sport, FIFA would bring home the gold medal. For several years in a row that is. Among the voices accusing, there’s someone missing. The voice of the people residing in the association. The professional football players.

Shaka Hislop, former professional goalkeeper for Newcastle and West Ham in the Premier League and Trinidad and Tobago’s national team, has a clear idea why that is.

- The players don’t complain, because we are paid well. Both in the clubs and the national associations. We have to earn well in a short period of time, and the corruption I saw as a player, I never bothered to speak up about, he says.

The players would occasionally talk about the rumors of corruption, which where going on higher up. But that was all.

- We felt like, it didn’t really affect us, as long as we where paid. It wouldn’t go further than us discussing it, Shaka Hislop says.

But all that has changed. Shaka Hislop, that’s now president of the Football Players Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT), has got a new perspective on the world of football after ending the career.

- Now that I finished playing I feel a responsibility. I feel that I need to speak about some of the things, I’ve seen in the sport. Things that I like and don’t like, he says.

Shaka Hislop and the national team of Trinidad and Tobago has an ongoing dispute with FIFA Vice-president, Jack Warner, which they don’t feel has paid the team a fair amount of money in commercial revenues after the World Cup in Germany. That case is not at all over.

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