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Steroroid-smuggling is young Germans’ new eastern tradition

November 1st, 2007 by Peter Andersen · 1 Comment

Young Germans usually smuggle steroids around eastern holidays and never in the winter. That fact was one one the surprising findings when the German Sports University in Cologne began to cooperate with the local customs authorities in order to map the black market for Doping in Germany.

When asked by the wondering, researchers the youngsters had a very down-to-earth explanation for trying to smuggle packs of steroroids into the country.

- They said: “I don’t need a sixpack (well-developed abdominal muscles, ed.) to attract women in the winter, but I need more muscles in the summer”, sport scientist Michael Sauer from the German Sport University told at his presentation at the Play The Game conference i Reykjavik today.

At first thought it seems like just another fun fact, but together with many other facts it is helping the scientists to a greater understanding on how the minds of the youngsters outside elite sports work. And that knowledge is crucial if you to communicate with them about the dangers of doping, because traditional information campaign about the life threatening dangers does not work on a young target group that has no concept of mortality.

Instead Michael Sauer uses jokes about the effects of the drugs on the doping users appearance to reach the young targer group

- None of them wants stretchmarks on their or small testicles, the sport scientist said, emphasizing the importance of building a strategy that fits the target group, whether it is youngsters, elite athletes, officials, teachers or physicians.

Michael Sauer

Sport scientist of the German Sport University Michael Sauer speaking at the conference.

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